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The Crossroads of America Scout Band is the OLDEST Scout Band in the United States and the SECOND OLDEST continuously operating Scout Band in the World.

The Crossroads of America Scout Band is recognized as the OLDEST, continuously operating Scout Band in America! Founded as a Drum and Bugle Corps in 1917 by Mr. F.O. "Chief" Belzer to play at ceremonies at summer camp and other Council functions, the organization evolved into a full band by the early 1920's. The Band has a rich heritage and has toured throughout the United States, Canada and a trip to London, England to celebrate Scouting's 100th anniversary in 2007. The Band will be celebrating Scouting's 100th anniversary in America in 2010 and its own 100th anniversary in 2017!

Have you been a member of the band? If so, please rejoin our group as we are looking for alumni to help us interpret our rich heritage as we near our 100th year!

Encampment at Belzer on Race Weekend coming in the month of May!

Indy 500 RACE Weekend

Race day is Sunday, May 25 and our friends from around the Crossroads of America Council, along with Scout Troops from Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin will be joining us for the weekend beginning Friday, May 23rd. Anyone from the band is invited (and encouraged) to come and join us as we host our visitors for the weekend. We will have breakfast on Saturday morning and a pitch-in dinner on Saturday evening at 5:00 pm. Please bring your pitch-in side item or dessert before 4:30 pm to be included with the dinner. Chicken entrée and tableware will be provided by the Band. Lunch will be on your own. The day's activities will vary as some will head downtown to watch the parade while others may want to stay back at camp and work on merit badges or other activities and projects.

On race morning (Sunday) if you want to participate at the 500 RACE pre race pageant — you must be at Camp Belzer no later than 4:00 AM! We will be boarding buses and leaving camp to rendezvous with other bands that are participating in the pre-race show. Belzer will be the only pick up and return location for the race. Cost for the bus on race day is $25.00 per person. This will also cover meals on Saturday (except lunch) if you are staying and camping with us. NO PERSONAL VEHICLES ARE PERMITTED TO TRAVEL WITH THE BUSES AND TRUCK IN THE ESCORTED CARAVAN! Buses will return to Camp Belzer approximately two (2) hours after the race is over. In the past we have returned to Camp Belzer around 5:30—6:00 PM. Again, as the time gets nearer we will broadcast via Calling Post and updating at rehearsals each week.

A permission slip MUST be filled out for ALL participants and turned in prior to boarding the bus. If you are NOT returning with the band after the race we must have a SIGNED statement from your parent/guardian or you will NOT be permitted to leave by yourself. It is preferred that the person who is meeting you meets us in the bus parking area inside Gate 9A (Northwest Turn 4 area) after we finish performing.

Uniform of the Day is Class "A"s, Boy Scout green pants, Venture Crew dark green shirt (extra shirts available from the Band Truck), green socks, dark shoes, etc for marching around the track, but bring a change of clothing to watch and participate in the Race Day activities. Also, be prepared and don't forget to bring a hat, sun screen, sun glasses, and a rain poncho.

No Rehearsals on Father's Day June 21st

Scout Band and Jazz Band will not meet on Sunday, June 21st due to Father's Day. Stay home a do something nice for your dad!

We are gearing up for the 2015 150/70 U.S. War Anniversary Tour to Gettysburg and Washington DC!

We will be celebrating the 150th Year Anniversary of the End of the Civil War and the 70th Year Anniversary of the End of WWII.

We are planning to tour Gettysburg, Washington DC, and hopefully march in the July 4th parade in Washington DC. Preparations are already under way because of the security needed to access the places we plan to go. If you haven't filled out a Tour Application already it might be too late as space on the buss has already filled up. Background information is needed to process the security checks for clearance to tour the White House and the Air and Space Museum at Dulles Air Force Base. Please see Mr. Bill or Patty Smith to make sure the right information has been submitted.

Shakedown Rehearsal on May 31st!

Shakedown rehearsal for the 2015 Tour to Gettysburg and Washington DC will be held at St. Lawrence starting at noon and lasting until around 5:00 pm. Please bring your BSA Medical Forms, Insurance Cards, and final payments. Check the schedule, Yahoo Groups, and listen to Calling Posts for more information or contact us by email.

Last Year's Scout Band Tour is took us to Pensacola Florida through the Deep South on July 12th through 19th with stops at Graceland; Mobile, Alabama to see the USS Alabama; Pensacola, Florida to see the Museum of Naval Aviation and visit the Blue Angels home base. Then on to Destin, Florida at Camp Gulf and downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

Check the 2014 Tour Page for itinerary and updates with photos of what we were doing and where we have been. Also check out our CrossroadsofAmericaScoutBand Group on Facebook for additional updates by the kids and other parents while we are on tour.

Rehearsals Continuing This Summer!

Join us at St. Lawrence Catholic School on Sunday afternoons in the Father Cohen Hall starting at 2:00 pm as we continue to practice for the Summer season. If you haven't been to rehearsal in a while, we are at the corner of 46th Street and Shadeland Avenue in the middle building on the Saint Lawrence Catholic Church and School campus. Parking and the best entrance door is usually on the west side in the rear of the building. We are usually set up in the lower level cafeteria down the stairs and through a set of doors. An elevator is located on the east side of the building for those who need it.

Find out what music we are learning for the next Band season or stop by to catch up with Band Alumni. We would love to see you again!

Look at the Music Selections for the 2015 Tour!

The New Jazz Band Will Meet Every Sunday!!!

If you are ready to play a different style of music or wish to extend your musical range, the Jazz Band might just be for you.  This is a new addition requested by the Band Youth. More instruments are needed so contact Mr. Ben or Mr. Bob if you are interested in playing.

Rehearsal starts at 1:00 pm and lasts until 2:00 pm every Sunday of the Month except on holiday weekends.  See our schedule on Yahoo Groups for more information or to contact us by email.

Also, Mr. Bob Wiker is asking ideas from the youth to name the new jazz band. If you have any suggestions please see Mr. Bob!

Can you get excited about playing selections from a musically significant era?

Hey Crew 559 Youth!
Don't forget about Crew Meetings every Third Sunday of the Month!

The next Crew Meeting will be held on April 19th. Don't miss your chance to voice your opinion and help out the band!

Will You Be There?