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The Crossroads of America Scout Band is the OLDEST Scout Band in the United States and the SECOND OLDEST continuously operating Scout Band in the World.

The Crossroads of America Scout Band is recognized as the OLDEST, continuously operating Scout Band in America! Founded as a Drum and Bugle Corps in 1917 by Mr. F.O. "Chief" Belzer to play at ceremonies at summer camp and other Council functions, the organization evolved into a full band by the early 1920's. The Band has a rich heritage and has toured throughout the United States, Canada and a trip to London, England to celebrate Scouting's 100th anniversary in 2007. The Band will be celebrating Scouting's 100th anniversary in America in 2010 and its own 100th anniversary in 2017!

Have you been a member of the band? If so, please rejoin our group as we are looking for alumni to help us interpret our rich heritage as we near our 100th year!

Database forms have been created to find Band Alumni!

Have you been a member of the Central Indiana Scout Band in the past? Have you been a member of the Crossroads of America Scout Band in the recent past? Then you are definitely Band Alumni and we would very much like to re-connect with you!

Please follow this link to the About the Band Page or use the navigation buttons to find the forms created to help build a database of Band Alumni and Current Band Members. This will help us to reach out to you as we approach our 100th Anniversary of the existence of the Scout Band in Central Indiana. If you wish, you can get notifications or emails about upcoming events and how you can join in the fun as a Band Alumni. So click the link and fill in the form!

We are "Back Home Again in Indiana" from the 2015 150/70/40 U.S. Historic War Anniversary Tour to Gettysburg and Washington DC!

We celebrated the 150th Year Anniversary of the End of the Civil War, the 70th Year Anniversary of the End of WWII, and the 40th Anniversary of the End of the Vietnam War.

Check the 2015 Tour Page for itinerary and updates with photos of what we were doing and where we have been. Also check out our CrossroadsofAmericaScoutBand Group on Facebook for additional updates by the kids and other parents while we were on tour.

Look at the Music Selections we played on the 2015 Tour!

When Is the Next Scout Band Rehearsal?

We are currently rehearsing music and selections for upcoming concerts. Everyone is welcome to sit it and help out with practice, new youth, old youth and even old scouters! Rehearsals will continue through the Fall every Sunday at 2:00 pm for the Scout Band and at 1:00 pm for the Jazz Band except Holiday Weekends at Saint Lawrence Catholic School Cafeteria.

Youth are asked to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before practice to help set up and remain after practice to put away music books, stands, and chairs.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to holiday scheduleds NO REHEARSALS November 29, December 20, 27, or January 3, 2016!

See You There!

The New Jazz Band is Meeting Every Sunday Again This Fall!!

The Jazz Band has start up rehearsals again this Fall and continue every Sunday at 1:00 pm in Father Cohen Hall, St. Lawrence Catholic School, through the end of the year. Rehearsal starts at 1:00 pm and lasts until 2:00 pm every Sunday of the Month except on holiday weekends.  See our schedule on Yahoo Groups for more information or to contact us by email.

If you are ready to play a different style of music or wish to extend your musical range, the Jazz Band might just be for you.  This is a new addition requested by the Band Youth. More instruments are needed so contact Mr. Ben or Mr. Bob if you are interested in playing.

Also, Mr. Bob Wiker is asking ideas from the youth to name the new jazz band. If you have any suggestions please see Mr. Bob!

Can you get excited about playing selections from a musically significant era?

Hey Crew 559 Youth!
Don't forget about Crew Meetings every Third Sunday of the Month!

The next Crew Meeting will be held on November 15th. Don't miss your chance to voice your opinion and help out the band!

Will You Be There?

Fall Butter Braid Sale

We have started our annual Butter Braid Sales in the Fall season in time for the Holidays. Sale dates start on November 1st and end by November 22nd. See Shirley Wiker or Bob Wiker to get forms. Sales turned in will make it for Delivery on December 14th. Check back often for updates and links to Butter Braid brochures and website. Check the Fundrasing Page for more information about how Butter Braid Sales works.

100th Anniversary Planning Committee Needs Your Help!

Are you a parent or Band alumni that has spare time or special skills that you can contribute to our 100th Scout Band Anniversary? The planning committee has met two times now and a date of October 12th at 7pm for the next meeting has been set up. Contact the committee at this email address if you wish to have more information about how to attend and help us out.

There is also rumor that a HUGSBAA Alumni Dinner is being planned to honor all the Scout Band Alumni from the past. Contact Fred Richardson and the HUGSBAA Alumni committee if you wish to have more info about Alumni activities.

We Need Your Help!

Upcoming Concerts

Christmas Concert on December 19th at the Indiana State Museum. Please report at 12:30 pm and be ready to play at 1 pm. Class "A" Uniforms to be worn. Ask your parents and grandparents to come listen to our Christmas selections!

A Crew Pizza Party has been planned by the youth to follow the Christmas Concert at St. Lawrence Catholic Cafeteria. Bring your board games to play while enjoying pizza!

Check back often for updates!